What we do
We select business opportunities


At Ergon Group we select business opportunities with high growth potential and develop them by absorbing the critical path, overcoming previous uncertainties and incorporating the most suitable investor for each project once the conditioning factors affecting its viability have been resolved.


The current scenario of the development sector in Spain is characterized, among other things, by the scarce availability of land for licensing, the complex bureaucracy involved in reaching an agreement with the entities that own the land, the slowness of the administration in granting permits, the intervention of the different investment vehicles in the hands of funds and management companies with a more financial than real estate profile, and the elimination, due to the crisis, of most of the development business fabric.        

In this scenario, and given the difficulty of finding suitable operations and managers, it is necessary to have an experienced team. 

In Ergon Group we have the necessary experience and know-how. We know our area of influence in detail, we have a good reputation in the administration and an active participation at sector level.

Our department is specialized in the detection and study of business opportunities, carrying out a rigorous process of search and selection of opportunities.


Our work process covers the following areas:

  • Search and selection of opportunities.
  • Market study and product design.
  • Analysis and planning of the structure of the operation.
  • Negotiation of the conditions for the acquisition of the asset, and signing of agreements with the owners.
  • Legal approach and obtaining of permits.
  • Search, negotiation and incorporation of the ideal investment partner for each project.
  • Establishment of forecasts, milestones and objectives determined by means of a “business plan”.
  • Periodic reporting, review and adjustment of the initially established forecasts.
  • Comprehensive management of the project until its completion.