Ergon Group began its activity in 1998, with projects in the old town center of Valencia, which have had an impact on the release of land for residential development and the elimination of agglomeration in the old town center of the city.


What we have achieved

Construction of new urban spaces and subway parking lots

Elimination of agglomeration in a total of 17,500 sq. m. of the old town center.

Elimination of industrial activity in the northern part of the city

Release of new land in two areas, 150,000 m² of residential land for 870 housing units.

Redevelopment initiatives in the southern part of the city

They required urban development management on 18,000 m², which has led to the creation of 240 housing units.

Land development next to the natural park of Sierra Helada

It gave rise to the current Torre Lugano, the tallest building in Spain, located in Benidorm, with 204 flats distributed over 50 floors.

We are currently developing different real estate development and land management projects -logistic and residential- in Valencia, Madrid and the Balearic Islands.

How we work

We select business opportunities with high growth potential and develop them, absorbing the critical path, overcoming previous uncertainties and incorporating the most appropriate investor for each project.

We know our area of influence in detail, we have a good reputation in the Administration and an active participation at sector level.